Nicole Hirsch Photography


After deciding to switch professions I stayed locally to study photography at the New England School of Photography in Boston. During my time there I studied general digital photography with video, and film photography, with focuses on Creative Imaging, Advertising, and Photojournalism. I continue to take workshops, webinars and to work with and learn from others as I believe it takes continued education to continue to be your best over time. I really enjoy photographing weddings and celebrations of all kinds, portraits - families, couples, senior portraits, and I shoot landscape and nature photography for myself.

I am based in Reading, Massachusetts, and I travel throughout New England and beyond for my clients and for myself. My main focus is building a photography business that allows me to keep loving what I do every day - capturing the beautiful, the fun, the sincere, and the wacky moments of life for my clients. I have family around the world whom I love to visit, and I also enjoy traveling to experience different cultures, see the heartwarming and humbling natural landscapes, and to know just a little bit more of what the world has to offer. You can see some of my work from other countries in the Weddings and Photojournalism galleries here.

My work in Guatemala from 2012 is showcased in the Photojournalism gallery, where I focused on a group of college students visiting during their spring break to build a home for a fourteen year old girl and her family who had just some aluminum walls to shelter them and nothing to keep them safe. Later in the trip we visited an animal conservation park and you can see some of the beautiful animals from there as well. This trip meant so much to me and it is part of my life every day.



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